Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply. The terms apply in the absence of any other written BtB-agreements, unclear settlements, between you as a corporate/business customer (or private individual), and the owner of the platform together with the managing legal entity by which operations are outsourced to - must been seen consolidated as "the seller". We are transitioning to use external entities in Norway to handle our operations.

Price, payment and fees
We drive on a secure payment gateway called Pensopay. Through Pensopay we accept Vipps and the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron.

Norsk MVA are included in all gross prices stated and quoted in NOK. We are registrered for VAT in Norway, just like when you purchase from a Norwegian company, no matter if the stated legal entity is abroad.

There are no card transaction fees, this is applies to both BtC & BtB-customers.
We as "the seller" are responsible for all card transactions.

Delivery / shipping

We will send your order as soon as possible and it will be received in Norway within 1-3 business days (subject to a sudden sale of goods, in which case you will be notified). The amount of your purchase will be deducted first on your debit card when the order and credit card are processed.
You as buyer is responsible for the accuracy of your user data, otherwise a package will be returned to us - which is very expensive. Always enter the name, street, house number, floor, country, etc. correctly, and we urge customers to download freight apps from the shipping suppliers selected at checkout to streamline operations.

Delivery of goods from us (selskapet) is considered complete when the consumer has received the goods.
Selskapet is responsible for the goods sold until the customer has received it and are bought and delivered as DPP (delivered duty paid). Should any shipping problem occur, we will send an e-mail with information about a new delivery date.

The shipment of goods takes place with either Posten Norge, DHL, DB Schenker or Post Nord (1-3 business days). You can easily track your package online using Track & Trace. When picking up your parcel, you must bring a valid photo ID.

The shipments with ADR regulated goods are grouped and sent to Oslo as overpack from our our Swedish warehouse (1-3 business days). You can easily track your package online using Track & Trace. If you have purchased from a dedicated used login, you might not receive the tracking number as usual, therefore please send us an email in case you haven't received the code.

Cancellation (applies only to normal goods, and this is something we are required to write here) 

14 day return is always granted.

To do this, if you wish to take advantage of your right of withdrawal:

 1) You must send an unambiguous notice that you wish to make your withdrawal right within 14 days after you received the item (s).

The easiest for both parties is if you send a clear notice that you will undo your purchase to our e-mail address with clear name of your name and address, customer number and order number. The important thing is that you clearly state your name, address, customer number and order number.
Once we have received your cancellation notice, we will send a confirmation email to you. It is your responsibility to purchase to prove that you have sent a cancellation message to us, so be aware that you will receive a confirmation email from us.

2) Then send the item back to our warehouse address as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after you sent the cancellation message.
Take care of the item in the shipping box that you received when you received the package.

Contact the nearest Posten Norge, DB Schenker, Postnord or Bring Norway postal office and deliver the item.

Please note that the return shipping costs are for you as a buyer.

When you regret a purchase, you are responsible for the item until it returns to the seller. This means that you should expect to pay if the product gets damaged or disappears during transport back to our warehouse.

3) Once we have received the return shipment and inspected it, the refund will be transferred to the used credit card.

Lacks and complaints are handled based on our core value "Like a Boss"

If you as a buyer will claim a defect, you must provide the seller with notice within a reasonable time.
If the defect is found to be defective, we will assess whether the defect can be rectified or a replacement must be made or a suitable discount be made in the purchase price. The purchase can be canceled if the defect is significant.
It is a condition for handling a defect or complaint that the buyer can present the invoice for the purchase of the item.


All goods are subject to 2 years right of complaint. One can thus advertise about the defects that were present when the item was sold. The burden of proof is with the purchaser after the first 6 months. We are not liable to damages caused by improper use in case someone decides to do so, which we strongly discourages.

Privacy Policy and GDPR

Hemsiden and selskapet use cookies in collaboration with third parties like Google, and visitors will get a cookie in their browser that is used for to segment customers and for a better understanding of our customers.

The data we collect is browser information, device information, cookie identifiers and website activity.

If you wish to "unsubscribe" then please delete cookies in the browser settings.


We assume no liability for sold goods, typos and spelling errors, price changes or changes from our suppliers and delays which "the seller" has no control over. Especially gas in the cream chargers may only be used for cooking in siphon bottles. As "the seller" we discourages all forms of abuse and the legal entities cannot be held accountable for any liability following improper use.